Ms. JunQie

Meet Heide Morris . . . Ms. JUNQIE

Hello everyone, my name is Heide but you can call me Ms. JUNQIE. I LIVE LOVE AND LOVE FASHION! I’m a Junqie for all types of designs, fabrics, textures, colors and styles. I’m drawn to interesting, one of a kind goods from all over the world and I’ve been blessed to be able to bring my world of fashion to you. I appreciate unique people that express their individualism through fashion… All kinds of fashion and styles. Please stop in and say hello when your in the area. I’d love to show you our boutique at our new location at 34155 Pacific Coast Highway (our old location!) and introduce you to our wonderful JUNQIE family.

Compassionately,    Ms. JUNQIE

Heide Morris

MS. Junqie's Heide Morris


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